SEO text: optimal article size

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Writing texts for website promotion requires the fulfillment of many additional conditions. The division into subheadings, a simple explanation of thoughts and compliance with the requirements of the search engine are not all the factors that will affect the success of the publication. To understand what is the optimal text length for SEO, it is necessary to conduct a small but useful study of materials from previous years.

Factors affecting public interest

The materials that are posted on the website are created to attract customers. To achieve the desired goal allows the use of high-quality texts that are perceived by search bots as relevant. However, in reality, the result depends on several factors, including:

  1. Device type. Reading longreads from mobile devices is not very convenient. In addition to the need to take care of the adaptation of the sales site, customers with modern gadgets want to get an answer here and now. For this reason, it is worth using small but useful articles.
  2. Presentation of thought. Experts believe that paragraphs of a certain size will allow the audience to engage in reading. The use of lists, subheadings, and other tricks helps increase attention. At the same time, the size of the SEO text does not play an important role.
  3. Location. Articles that are written for social networks are different from materials for websites, and it is useless to argue with that. Reader content should be no more than 2,000 words. As for articles on websites, a lot depends on the topic and method of submission.

The volume of SEO text undoubtedly affects the results of promotion, ranking and commenting. However, it is worth remembering that the requirements for the optimal length depend on the readers. To increase the amount of traffic to the company’s website, you need to take into account the features of the theme and (again) the requirements of search engines.

The volume of SEO text

Which texts rank best

The pursuit of high-quality text of optimal length forces you to face the “preferences” of search engines and take into account their influence. This is worth paying attention to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to use bots for their own benefit. However, remember that SEO text length is only one of many factors to consider before publishing content.

A study of foreign companies shows that readers are looking for instant advice on their question. To please a potential client, you need to put important information in the first paragraphs of the lsi text. Thus, the audience will be able to conduct a usefulness analysis, evaluate the approach and continue reading the details.

Evaluation of the positions of posted publications allows us to identify several characteristics that will contribute to promotion:

  1. Long titles. The headline size of SEO text affects reader engagement. This is due to the ability to use more keywords and provide a clear description of the content.
  2. Question headings. Copywriters are used to using sentences that already contain the answer to the question. However, a question headline will increase the amount of traffic.
  3. Long texts. Using lists and subheadings will increase the length of the article and make it readable. In addition, the search engine “loves” long reads and invites users to read them too.

The number of characters for SEO text is determined based on usefulness, the availability of practical recommendations and opportunities to improve the life of the reader. Thus, a description of 500 characters and an article of 2000 words can bring the same place in the issue to the owner. It is up to you to decide which of the options will be preferable and make your choice.

What length of text should be ordered from a copywriter

Reminder: the requirements of readers and search engines are different, and which of them to choose as a guideline is up to the customer. The desire to achieve better results leads to the need for careful analysis. To determine the optimal article size for SEO promotion, you will need:

The promotion of pages and texts primarily depends on the benefits that the reader receives. As practice shows, both short descriptions and longreads on the site of authority are in demand among the audience. It is extremely difficult to decide on the optimal length for an order without additional data.

Opinions of editors, search engines and readers vary, but there are characteristics that unite several “camps”. To write the “correct” text of the optimal length, you need to focus on the audience. It will not be superfluous to include this requirement in the terms of reference.

The SEO size of an article can be determined based on the analysis data. Without this, efforts may not bring the expected result. To choose the optimal length of the article, consider the interests of the audience, listen to the opinions editors and give some freedom to the author. In this way, you will be able to test your guesses in practice and follow the rules to the benefit of your business.

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