Press release: what it is and how to write it

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Press releases are gaining in popularity every year. Not so long ago, they were used only in print media, and now they are posted on online portals. Such texts are interesting to readers, so they should be written in a simple and understandable language.

Press releases of companies are written by copywriters. But to write the right content, you don’t need to have special skills – you just need to be literate and understand the structure to create a future announcement. When all the writing techniques are mastered, and the topic is chosen, any person can easily write an interesting text. And you can trust the editor to check the article.

What is a press release for?

A press release is a small announcement describing a specific event. It can be used in the following cases:

  1. Coming of a new product for sale. When manufacturers create innovative products that are popular, a lot of small articles appear on the network with information about the imminent start of sales.
  2. Actual events. These include contests, exhibitions or events created for holidays or other significant occasions. Writing a press release will alert people to the event, which will help grab the attention of interested customers.
  3. Innovative material. When a company starts publishing interesting articles or plans to launch a certain program on TV, announcements of what is happening are created.

What is press release for you? When the author understands what purpose he pursues when writing fresh material, it will be possible to create an article pointing out interesting aspects to readers.

Samples for writing a press release

To understand how to write a good press release, you need to imagine yourself as a reader. Would you be interested in what the article is about? If the text indicates the most important aspects covering a certain event, then you have chosen the correct way to write. The following is one example of an invitation to an event.

Samples for writing a press release

Press releases are often written before the start of a sporting event. Such announcements indicate the date and time of the championship, the number of judges and the number of athletes. You can find out what the prize fund is allocated for this event and come to cheer for the participants. Before putting together a press release for an event, don’t make up complex phrases or use a new concept. The public must find out important information, the rest of the data will be superfluous. A sample is shown below.

a press release

Before the start of the conference, attracting a large audience is possible thanks to the correctly composed text. In this case, a press release is content that is attractive from the point of view of visitors. If in the past example it was possible to be guided by dry facts, now it will not be superfluous to appeal to people. The public is interested in reading articles that contain elements of teaser advertising. These may be intriguing headlines and facts, the meaning of which can only be learned at the event itself.

Structure for writing a press release

Are you still confused about what a press release is and how to write one? Then check out the structure of this text. It includes the title, lead, and body. No additional points are required to diversify the content. Just write the correct letter, consisting of the following elements:

  1. Heading. The likelihood of reading the selected article depends on the presence of an attractive title. There are many practices that catch the interest of the target audience at first sight. This can be the use of numbers, phrases that everyone knows, or profitable, catchy sentences.
  2. Lead. It represents the first paragraph of the text. You need to fit useful information in a few lines so that customers understand that the content is really worthwhile. Here it is worth pointing out the factors that will arouse the curiosity of the target audience.
  3. The main part. It identifies important aspects of the covered event. Don’t use complex and long sentences. It will be interesting for buyers to read texts without special terminology and water. Here you can specify a more detailed description of the product’s functions when it comes to product promotion.

Before writing a press release, which is an announcement for an event, you can once again scroll through the important facts and benefits of the event. In the message, the reader should receive useful information for himself, and you will notice that the result is impressive.

Where are press releases posted

What should be a press release and where is it better to place it? Structured announcements will attract the maximum target audience if they are published on the pages of popular news portals in the media. You just need to choose a suitable site and contact the editorial office, which will post your news.

You shouldn’t send an attached document without a cover letter. Think about the goals and the correct description of the promoted product. By listing the key factors in your cover letter, you will surely be able to find the company that will publish your press release.

Press release is an effective way to influence the target audience. He provides an impetus for the start of further interaction with potential buyers or persons interested in ongoing events. Knowledge of the principles of writing texts and the ability to correctly present the material will be an excellent combination for creating content.

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