Landing page: what you need to talk about

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Writing texts for a product landing page is easy, you say. But hundreds of copywriters will disagree with this opinion. The main task of the first page is to attract the attention of the audience and then talk about the benefits offered. Design and choice of words affect the results, so the result may be unexpected.

Want to know how much landing page text costs? There will be no single answer. The price is calculated based on the technical specifications. Additionally, the level of professionalism will also affect the cost.

Guide to create a landing page

Writing texts for a product landing page

Landing page texts are different from other types of publications. The differences come down to creating a clear and simple description. Here you should not use cliches, oversaturate the page with epithets and generally overload the user. The text that is placed after the headings should:

To achieve your goals, the landing page text includes the following components, each of which should be given special attention.

Headings and subheadings

This is your chance to build your reputation. For this reason, subheadings are written last, when all the material is ready. This allows you to complete required tasks, including:

Remember that the text must be relevant to the topic and contain key queries. This way, you will receive support from search algorithms and will appear in front of users more often.


You can get the client’s attention by following a few rules. Firstly, try to specify the problem in life and your solution. Remember that you are creating the first impression of the company, so tell us what the proposal is about. You can also add value by using clear language and step-by-step instructions for use.


Copywriting for landing pages in this case is no different from commercial copywriting. The author describes what the company offers and how the client will benefit. This way, you convince your audience of your solution and motivate them to scroll further to learn about the product (and spend more time on the page).

It is not difficult to correctly list the benefits. To do this, prepare a table with the benefits for the client, and then evaluate the list. Separate key benefits from non-essential ones to reassure the buyer of professionalism.


The rule “it’s better to see once than to hear a hundred times” also works in this case. Keep this in mind when looking for how to write landing page text. A photograph of a product or service can satisfy the reader’s interest. Complete this part with the benefits you mentioned earlier. This way you will confirm that the words are true.


Preparations for the deal are nearing completion, so offer the visitor several options. Choosing from three (no more) actions will create a feeling of a personal approach and select the “key” to the buyer/client. When writing your statements, remember:

A user interested in a product must understand that you are offering him a real solution to a problem. An imperative mood, a minimum of words and several options for action will help you get the desired result.


It can be difficult to evaluate an offer without additional data. Point out your value to the reader by adding a few facts. Write about customer successes or results after service, not forgetting about numbers and precise wording.

A copywriter’s finished landing page should encourage the buyer to conclude a valuable transaction. But this needs to be approached carefully. Each block of information leads to the main thing: a unique offer will work on the user’s problem. A persuasive text will cope with this task perfectly.


The opinions of clients who have already used your services influence the assessment of a potential buyer. Add several reviews from people in a separate block so that a site newcomer can be convinced of your reliability. Posting real customer feedback is very important because the commercial style of writing is noticeable to many readers.

You can prepare suitable text for a landing page using the example yourself, but feedback is still important. Clients who have used the services usually point out advantages and disadvantages. You know the proposal well, but an outside opinion is another way to improve service.

Last screen

This page block includes not only a call back form, but also other options for increasing conversion. So, you can request to leave contacts for a free newsletter or offer a discount for registering on the site. The choice of options depends on the specifics of the product and the work of the company as a whole.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to write sales copy for a landing page can be difficult. It is worth following the recommendations of experts and studying the product in detail. This will be enough to reveal not only the value, but also the advantages of the product over others.

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