The benefits and harms of hidden text on a page

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Competition in the field of online marketing forces us to look for new ways of promotion. Thus, unique texts are created for websites that are beneficial to the reader. But it is not necessary to stop only at high-quality content. Consider starting to use hidden text.

What is hidden text on a website?

what hidden text is on a website

Companies that have created and fill websites with content have one goal in mind – to attract the attention of the audience. To do this, provide key queries and insert them into materials. The search engine compares the “keys” with the semantic load, and recommends that readers familiarize themselves with the content of the article.

White and black methods are used to promote pages. To answer the question of what hidden text is on a website, it is worth pointing out that this method is risky. Features of materials that are posted on the page but invisible to users are:

  1. Lack of direct value for visitors. Since text is invisible to users, there is no point in creating useful content. Instead, they add key queries in different variations.
  2. Increasing ranking positions. Key queries are used as invisible content. Thanks to this, robots determine the relevance of the content to the content and show the materials to the user.
  3. Multiple risks. This “black” marketing method leads to various consequences: site ban, decreased traffic.

Before using hidden text on a website, it is worth assessing the possible risks and benefits. Yes, it will be possible to increase the flow of customers, but how long the traffic will remain high is unknown.

How to insert invisible text on a website

There is no mystery in how text is made invisible. There are several ways to hide material without using additional tools. Among the common options for making hidden text are:

  1. Small font. The possibilities are unlimited: the site owner can insert very small letters into the material and make it invisible on the page. But you will be able to see and read key queries. It is enough to increase the page font several times.
  2. Background. The text typed for search engines is hidden by choosing an appropriate background. The simplest option is white letters on a white website page.
  3. Images. The text is also covered with graphic elements. Place additional “keys” under the image, and no user will see them.
  4. Anchor. If you need to hide a link, use anchors. Thus, a dot or a dash takes on a new meaning: other pages or sources of information are hidden behind them.
  5. CSS. The tool will allow you to move the text for SEO promotion beyond visibility. However, users will not be able to detect it without thematic knowledge.

The available options are not limited to this list. The ingenuity of website layout designers has no limits. But it is worth remembering that detected hidden text will entail penalties from the search engine.

Consequences of using hidden text

A review of the main consequences will help you decide whether to place hidden symbols or abandon black marketing. Which measures will be taken depends on the system where the company’s pages are ranked. But there is no doubt that punishment is inevitable.

A common measure is blocking a publication or website. The severity of the punishment depends on the number of manipulations and the category of “deception.” It is rarely possible to remove the restriction, and to do this, all text is removed from the corporate website.

The next option to be wary of is a decrease in search rankings. This is often done with those sites where hidden text is used especially actively for search engines. A person is unlikely to be able to detect this optimization method, but the search engine quickly identifies the offender.

How to improve indexing without black hat methods

You can never be sure that hidden text will go unnoticed. Search algorithms check websites to reduce the likelihood of fraud. For this reason, it is better to replace SEO hidden text with:

  1. Quality materials. Organic use of “keys” is the key to your success. Phrases that are not the most easy to read are separated by punctuation marks, parentheses, and other means. This is quite enough to reach the first position.
  2. Content compliance. Write materials according to the chosen terms that indicate the topic. Divide your keywords into sections and use the services of a copywriter.
  3. Text indicators. It’s not difficult to check the content or density of key queries in a finished article. Services will help you find out the results in a few minutes.

In order not to search for how to hide or how to view hidden text on the site, use safe promotion methods.

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