Features of the translation of texts on medical topics

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Writing texts on medical topics is one of the most difficult types of copywriting. The difficulty lies not so much in describing the work of the clinic and services as in understanding this area. But besides writing medical texts, there is also a translation. The peculiarity of such content is that the translation from English of medical texts is distinguished by terminology. In other words, the reader will not find Latin terms in such material. The translation is done in simple human language, which makes it possible not only to read the text, but also to understand what is at stake.

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Despite this, the translator must have a good level of English and know the terminology. At the same time, the translator must take into account other features of medical texts, such as:

Translators working on similar topics often have special requirements. Thus, English texts on medical subjects require the ability to analyze and conduct research work in order to become familiar with new concepts and terms.

Features of the translation of clinic names

When the task is to translate the advertising text of a medical institution, the first thing you should pay attention to is how the names of the clinics are correctly translated. After all, it is important here not so much to preserve the original form of the name of the hospital, as not to distort the meaning of the name. Therefore, medical names in English are best translated using literal translation or transliteration (transcription).
The names of hospitals in most cases are derived from two or more words, so the transcription method is perfect here. Literal translation from English medical texts or from another language is needed when the name, consisting of several words, has a direct analogue.

Translation of medical services

When translating company services, it is also important to observe a certain strictness in the text and not distort the meaning, as this directly affects the image of the company. To do this, you need to know and understand the terminology. You can familiarize yourself with the terms, concepts in medical guides and dictionaries.
In addition to the fact that in clinic services there are specific names of procedures and medical procedures, translators often have to deal with the names of equipment, medical equipment, diseases, etc. It is important not to turn the translated text into a dry statement of fact. After all, the patient must understand not only what is discussed in the material, but also know what benefits lie in the services of a particular clinic.

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The following names can be cited as an example:

As a rule, these and other words are often found in descriptions of services, often the same diseases can be voiced in Latin. Therefore, it is very important to understand what we are talking about.

Translation of drugs and pharmacological properties

Medical translators know that translating drug names is only possible through transcription. But the components that make up the drug, in most cases, are derived from Latin words and are used in the same form.
But it is more important for the patient to know not the Latin names of the components, but indications and contraindications. Therefore, here you need to also pay attention. When translating medical terms, names of medicines, symptoms, diseases, you always need to consult a medical dictionary.
Summing up, we can say that the translation of medical topics requires the translator not only knowledge of a foreign language, but also an understanding of the topic. Medicine is a rather highly specialized area, therefore it is worth approaching this work very carefully and responsibly.

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