Optimizing texts and using keywords

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Creating useful thematic content has only one task: turning potential customers into real ones. For this, many marketing moves are provided, including the use of keywords. If you are not familiar with the principle of operation of the system algorithms, it is worth filling this gap.

Text optimization lies in the harmonious placement of the main phrases that set the tone for the article. Without them, bots will not be able to attribute the material to a certain category, and the place in the search results will inevitably decrease. In order not to waste time, it is recommended to study the rules on how to correctly insert keywords into the text. Delivery of data without loss of relevance and positions in the search engine is guaranteed.

The correct placement of keywords

Acquaintance with the “keys”: what you need to know for work

The first term that a beginner needs to get acquainted with is keywords (keys). The use of such phrases allows the algorithms to determine the topic of the article and show it as a response to the user’s query. If there are many items in the list, the result will not match the expectations.

The correct placement of keywords in the text contributes to the effective promotion of pages. The rules are quite simple and look like this:

  1. Spam. The abundance of keywords is expressed in terms of spam when checking. It is recommended to adhere to the established norms to reduce this parameter. Abuse leads to a decrease in the search results and the exclusion of the site from it at the end.
  2. Uniformity. The number of phrases is determined based on the total size of the material. Frequent repetitions of the same words affect not only spam, but also the perception of the text. The articles on the site are created for people, so do not irritate their eyes with tautologies.
  3. Harmony. The harmonious use of keywords indicates a high level of skill. The task indicates the possibility of adding word forms, combining several phrases into one, and much more for no problems.

Keywords in the SEO text and water are pointers for algorithms, but you still don’t need to pay too much attention to specific bots. Remember that people are reading your content, and you need to earn their trust and motivate them to move to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Principles of text optimization

A quality article contains useful information with organically used keywords and details. Often, this is the main requirement of site owners and online stores. Not only a broad outlook helps to achieve this goal, but also the correct arrangement of keywords in the text.

To get the required skills and complete the last task will allow the consultation of experts from the SEO field. First, you need to pay attention to the possibility of placing requests in the following occurrences:

The density of keywords in a commercial text is determined using special services. The algorithms are based on the ability to analyse the number of individual phrases and determine the percentage of spam. For example, the academic nausea of an article should not exceed 8%.

If too many keywords are prepared for the text, it is worth combining them into one construction. However, the offer cannot consist only of the keywords that are specified in the TOR. It is also not recommended to use unnatural verbal expressions or strange forms.

Useful tips for beginners

Copywriters are looking for ways and techniques to create clear and high-quality texts. In order to avoid sanctions, one has to use tricks and tricks. To learn how to write commercial articles, you need to spend time on the basic aspects and rules. If you do not know how to organically insert keywords into the text without losing meaning, use the cheat sheet:

  1. Long keys. Phrases that include several words are used more and more often in paragraphs. For organic use, you can break queries with punctuation marks, but within the same sentence. In addition, long phrases are used in headings and subheadings.
  2. Key selection. For ease of verification, requests are highlighted in bold, but it is worth removing the highlight before placement. Use italics for the main idea or key features of a product, brand, or service.
  3. Declension of words. Asking a question on whether it is possible to incline keywords is worth the customer. In some cases, this is not possible and it will take time to create a harmonious mention. Otherwise, there are no problems with declining requests.

The effectiveness of page promotion depends on the choice of key queries and the correct use. A text written in a complex language will not receive the necessary assessment of either algorithms or a person. The experience gained will help to avoid problems with this, which has a serious impact on the results of the work.

The external design of the material is not limited to how to highlight keywords in the text. Experts recommend to pay attention to the type of proposals, the benefits and the absence of errors. The perception of the material depends on many facts, so only constant practice will achieve results.

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