How to write good SEO text?

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Написание СЕО текстов Today it is difficult to find a company that does not have its own website. And given that every day the business goes online more and more, the availability of good, unique and high-quality content becomes the number one task. And here you will need the help of a competent and experienced copywriter who can fill a web resource with text content. To promote a site, you need not just good material, but text with keywords. Writing SEO texts is a task an experienced copywriter can handle.

This requires the author not only an understanding of the SEO sphere: the quality of the finished material depends on literacy, the study of topics and the product, as well as the correct preparation of technical specifications.

It is not uncommon for customers to be dissatisfied with the end result. But if you look at it on the other hand, you get a different picture: the text is good, the style, quality is maintained, and the review is negative. The reason is simple: the article was written incorrectly. A copywriter is a person who not only writes texts, but also adheres to TK. Therefore, to get a good result, it is worth working on the technical task.

What should be spelled out in the terms of reference?

Writing a CEO text is a task that requires a competent and professional approach. The technical task is part of this work, without which it is rather problematic to write the necessary material. When compiling a TOR, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  1. Volume. The optimal number of characters for an SEO article is 2500 characters. But often in the assignment to the “SEO” article prescribe a volume of more than 5000 characters. However, it is worth considering the subject matter of the material, the usefulness and interest of the reader.
  2. Keywords and their number. Since the task of the “SEO” texts is to promote the site in a search engine, the presence of “keys” in the material is mandatory. The customer must specify in the task how many requests in the exact, diluted, or direct occurrence are needed in the text. In other words, indicate the density of “keywords”. You can pick them up through the Wordstat service in Google or Yandex.
  3. Uniqueness. This item is a priori taken into account when drawing up the statement of work for the copywriter. To avoid unpleasant situations, it is better to prescribe the percentage of uniqueness in the task. Considering that there are millions of texts on the Internet today, the uniqueness of written material should not be less than 85%. But for technical texts and narrowly focused articles, the threshold may be slightly reduced due to the presence of terms and specific words.
  4. Unique selling proposition. In order for a copywriter to be able to write high-quality text, it is advisable to write down the company’s advantages in the task. When there is nothing like this, it is difficult for the author to present a product or service in a good light. Despite the fact that during the work the copywriter shows remarkable imagination, it’s better to write the truth in the material than to describe what is not. This will ultimately affect the reputation of the customer company.
  5. The presence of a link to the site. Do not forget to attach a link to a valid Internet resource. At least a copywriter should be familiar with the style and presentation of the content. Maximum – this will help to better study the company and write an article.

Summing up, we note that TK is an important component of the work of a copywriter. Even if he knows how to write SEO texts correctly, the absence of a task can greatly affect the quality of the finished material.

A few rules on how to write SEO text

After the copywriter has received an order for writing material with a clear statement of work, which indicates the volume, keywords and their number, the company’s primary characteristics are spelled out, work begins. Before writing a CEO text, you need to consider the structure of the article.

  1. Heading. Any textual content, whether news, article or article, should contain a headline. This is not only convenient for perception, but also makes it possible to optimize the page on the Web. Headings are divided into levels – first, second, third, etc. The first headline should catch the reader and make him want to read the material to the end. SEO text optimization implies the presence of the main “key” in the first heading. As a rule, these are high-frequency or mid-frequency phrases of direct occurrence. In the subheadings, “keywords” are used in diluted entries, replaced by synonyms, etc.
  2. Introduction This is an important part of any text. The essence of the material is reflected here. The beginning of the article should be interesting and involving. After that, the main part of the article is written with an even distribution of keywords. If you don’t know how to write SEO texts with “keys”, you can turn to Google for help, where there are a lot of instructions for writing such content.
  3. List. In addition to the headings, introduction and the main body, the text should contain a numbered or bulleted list. This allows you to structure the material, and it is easier for the user to perceive rather large volumes of articles.
  4. Conclusion Even if you know how to write a good CEO text, without a conclusion it will not be complete. In particular, this applies to material where a purchase, registration, and other call to action is required. Do not leave the text without a logical conclusion.

Understanding the meaning of SEO texts and how to write them, you can create unique and high-quality content that satisfies the search engine and involves the reader.

Checking the finished article

After completion of work, it is necessary to check the material for such parameters as uniqueness, spam, information content. You can do this using special services, such as, Advego, Glavred, and other online programs.

Checking the article for informativeness allows you to remove unnecessary words that do not carry any meaning in themselves. The indicator for Glavred should not be lower than 7 points. Key density can be checked on many services, in particular, Advego and Here you can also see the percentage of spam, water and nausea of ​​words.

However, the most important parameter is uniqueness. Non-unique, copied and pasted onto your website text entails not only copyright infringement, but also the likelihood of content being excluded from the search engine.

The rules on how to write a CEO text imply a mandatory reading of the material before delivery to the customer. The article should be written without errors, easy to read and understand; preferably the absence of obscure words and terms.

The best way to get quality content is to seek help from professional copywriters. They know how to write SEO text correctly, correctly describing all the advantages of the product and creating a positive image of the company on the Web.

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