Differences between copywriting and rewriting

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копирайтинг и рерайтинг разница There are often articles on the Internet claiming that there is no fundamental difference between copywriting and rewriting. And the authors themselves often do not see any special differences between these concepts. In fact, there is a difference between the terms copywriting and rewriting. In the first case, the text is created completely from scratch, i.e. the author writes an article based on expert opinions, and rewriting is a borrowed thought written in your own words. This is the simplest explanation of copywriting and rewriting.

An example is the school presentation, which each of us wrote in the literature lessons. Even then, we were taught to be rewriters and copywriters, setting out a text in our own words or writing a new one, providing as a basis one of the works of art.

Unlike a copywriter, a rewriter does not create new texts, but only beautifully exposes other people’s thoughts while preserving the essence. His main duty:

Simply put, the rewriter does the work mechanically, while the copywriter approaches the process more creatively. And the copywriter’s earnings are higher than that of the rewriter. First of all, this is due to the fact that the copywriter “feels” the text, because writes it from scratch. Therefore, the difference between copywriting and rewriting is very noticeable.

The cost of rewriting and copywriting

Speaking of payment. The differences between the two concepts are many. In addition to the approach to writing text and the existing basis, rewriting and copywriting differ in the price of services. The copywriter has an average cost for creating one text material (post, article, company information, etc.) 3-4 $ per 1000 characters. At the rewriter – two times less. However, this is the price of an experienced author who has a portfolio, knowledge and a high level of experience. Beginning authors take a little less.

But here there are fundamental differences. Even if the author is a beginner, but he took courses and knows the schemes for writing texts, types of content, etc., then its cost will in any case be higher than that of a beginner. By the way, rewriting is a great opportunity to prove yourself, since it is much easier to retell a text in your own words than to write a new one.

Which is better – copywriting or rewriting?

There is no definite answer. Many customers order rewriting of finished material, and this is enough for them. However, if the uniqueness, originality of the content, such parameters as water content, nausea is important, then the answer is obvious – you need to order copywriting.

The difference between rewriting and copywriting is the approach. In the case of writing the original text, the author uses other people’s knowledge as a source of inspiration, and the rewriter makes them the basis for further work. The habit of correctly expressing your thoughts is important – this is a sign of the author’s professionalism. Rewriting inherently does not carry any novelty, so you should not perceive it as a colossal work. Writing the text yourself is a lot of work.

Even if you are a good rewriter, it will be very difficult to become a copywriter: there is some experience in writing, but there is no writing skill for unique materials.

These are two different weight categories, where there are three main differences:

Copywriting or rewriting – here everyone chooses for himself. Need a competent, sensible and original text for the company? Then copywriting.

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