Copywriting in IT: the subtleties of writing texts about technology, basic requirements

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Today, information technologies are being introduced into almost all spheres of life. Medicine, education, entertainment, communication – IT is used everywhere. By itself, IT is considered a complex market with the highest competition. As a rule, companies produce products for an international audience, and this creates some kind of obstacle to their promotion. An effective strategy and a strong marketing team can help in this matter. And it’s really possible to do this for SMM, advertisers, SEO specialists. A copywriter in IT also plays an important role. His range of responsibilities includes a number of tasks. Ideally, it should be a person with specialized education and experience in developing their own projects. Or it can be an author who is well versed in the subject, oriented in the industry, following new products and trends.

What does an IT copywriter do

professional copywriter in IT

It is difficult to write about the topic of IT without a technical education, but it is possible. If you entrust this work to an ordinary author or a humanitarian who understands little about the code, many difficulties may arise. Developers, as you know, like to pour out terms, a copywriter should write a text in simple language that will be understandable to an uninitiated person. Each developer needs to accurately and qualitatively describe their products, create effective advertising for them. An IT copywriter comes to the rescue, whose strength is in the following:

IT copywriting is in demand today more than ever before. Every new organization that needs to create a website that can present a product or service, feels the need to have a competent content specialist. Only he can cope with writing high-quality selling material, press releases, company news, blogging, creating texts for e-mail mailing, posts, optimizing the content of the landing page, developing scripts for videos, webinars.

Key requirements

It is already clear that the text about IT should contain simple words, as short and understandable phrases as possible. Complex sentences should be simplified, and confusing and oversaturated fragments should be rephrased. The next requirement is to avoid IT jargon as much as possible. It is relevant if an article is required for an audience that does not understand anything about this topic. The use of objective arguments in the text, if a recommendation is provided, a ban is mandatory.

An IT-related copywriter should have not only a certain set of knowledge and skills, but also the ability to manage the reader’s attention. Other requirements that are imposed on the author:

The ideal candidate for the position is one who has experience working in all formats required by the company. This person can provide cases and examples of written materials. In an interview with him, you can understand that the specialist is well-read and has a broad outlook.

What else you need to know about a copywriter in IT

A competent, professional copywriter in IT conducts surveys of experts, representatives of the customer to find out the main points of the task. The author pays attention to foreign articles that were devoted to the issue under study.

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