Full copywriting of selling texts: the main rules

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All sites perform the function of a virtual segment of the media, are drawn up in the state literate language. Information (separate articles, description of products of online stores) should be interesting and useful to the reader. To generate copywriting of selling texts, you do not need to be a genius, you just need to adhere to strict rules for writing texts. The Russian journalist, marketer, businessman Mikhail Yakovlevich Genin wrote: “The writer is not the one who writes a lot, this is the one who is read a lot.

Good copywriting – the main factors of demand

хороший копирайтинг продающих текстов Content studio employees perform copywriting and rewriting at a high level. Many of them worked for a long time as editors, proofreaders, or journalists, have a higher philological education, and have extensive experience working with text. Professionalism, knowledge of competent design skills, hard work, patience – this is the foundation for the implementation of high-quality activities that the profession requires. To all this, each copywriter knows how to do good copywriting, that is, in his own word he will be able to reach out to the client and sell any services, goods.

There are rules on the web. In order to create good copywriting, it is important:

  1. Read a lot. Books, articles, magazines – this is the amazing world that fills a person with knowledge, broadens his horizons, logical thinking.
  2. Generate unique text for the site. Unique content is 90-95% of its text. To uncover the topic, the copywriter uses many texts of fiction, journalistic, scientific, technical or other nature, a database on the Internet. All of these objects are protected by copyright. Copyright law gives every author the right to legal protection.
  3. Develop talent. A unique test for the site is born after a careful study of the topic, a long process of selecting specific, concise sentences and words. In each written material they are used strictly on the topic and reveal it.
  4. Improvise. In order for copywriting of selling texts to affect the audience, you need to experiment – come up with new methods and techniques for working with the word. One well-chosen word can often replace a whole paragraph of unnecessary phrases.

Our employees read a lot, develop. Hundreds of thousands of characters are written during the day. Create technical, humanitarian texts with a uniqueization of up to 95%; do classic translation, copywriting and rewriting in English and other languages; make out a translation with any source with the maximum preservation of the meaning of the original. In each written text for the site page there are no distorted facts, spelling, punctuation errors, because many authors can work on one order, graduates – political scientists, technologists, accountants, editor, corrector. And most importantly: the content studio produces better texts than the copywriting exchange at the expense of management: some employees follow the deadlines, editors follow the technical assignment, which is carried out strictly according to the set time, following this algorithm for creating a unique resource:

  1. Relevant subject heading. It not only responds to the content of the text, but also lures the reader, encourages him to act, and serves as an important advertising tool.
  2. Transmission of reliable information. Its distortion is badly reflected in the authority of not only the “writer”, but also the reputation of the site. All the authors of our studio thoroughly study the business of the client, give convincing arguments, submit verified facts. The advertising component in the text resonates in the heart of people – the description is never in doubt.
  3. Writing text for a specific living person. We study the audience, tastes and needs. What a woman loves is not always acceptable for a man. For a businessman, an official laconic presentation style is suitable, and for a young girl, an artistic one with an emotional component.
  4. Readability. Copying Wikipedia, a large percentage of special terms complicate the text, make it inanimate, unconvincing. We produce natural readable material, often give practical advice, provide interesting facts.
  5. Findings. An explanatory ending is always needed. Conclusions are based on the tasks and goals of the client. Copywriters draw up the ending not with a couple of hard-typed sentences, but in an original and effective way. Good luck guaranteed.

Copywriting of selling texts in a content studio

In our studio you can order text for the site page! We approach writing as the art of a multifunctional marketing tool. Come to our studio, see services, prices and fill out an application.

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