How to make text more unique

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There are many factors that influence the ranking of text in a search engine. One of them is content uniqueness. It has less effect than behavioral factors, but allows you to take a high position in the ranking. Some companies decide to abandon the high level of uniqueness, preferring the benefits of the material.

The reasons for making an article unique can be as follows:

  1. The terms of reference assumes a certain percentage of uniqueness for a specific text.
  2. It is planned to completely update the seo content on the site pages.
  3. The article should be in the top of the search results. In doing so, specific keywords should be used.

The required originality values ​​for the project are set by the customer, and the authors and editors make sure that the created content meets the requirements. Thanks to high-quality texts, more useful information, interesting to readers, will appear on the site.

Change the structure of text

When writing new content, you need to create a new structure based on the existing article. This will make the text original. If you are targeting a specific material, try tying several blocks into one. Articles that are too large should have more subheadings to make the text easier to read.

unique text grow

Before you can increase the uniqueness of the text, you need to study the articles posted on the sites of competitors. If there are two blocks in one text, and in the other – much more, it is worth choosing all kinds of headings. Thus, you can create a text with the maximum amount of information, thanks to which the user does not have to look for additional sources to resolve his issue.

Using lists

How to achieve the uniqueness of a text with many enumerations? This is done using bulleted or numbered lists. Enumerations are not always appropriate in sentences, so separating lines into separate lists is a great solution. This allows you to increase the uniqueness indicator, since in the listing you can explain the proposed items or simply swap them. You can also use synonyms that do not change the essence of the text, making it more original.

Replacement with synonyms

When checking an article for anti-plagiarism according to the algorithms proposed on the site, individual words are often highlighted that are also found in other texts. How to increase the uniqueness of the text in this case? Use popular synonyms. If you cannot find them yourself, study the proposed options on the Internet. In some cases, services suggest rare words that don’t quite fit. To make the target audience understand what the text is about, you can use:

The text should not become «heavier» for perception. And the presence of unique words will help diversify the content and raise the site to the top of the search.

Changing offers

Sometimes services for checking uniqueness do not highlight individual words, but whole sentences that have been taken from other sources. You just need to swap the words, keeping the original structure. You can also move a sentence to another part of the text, if this does not change the meaning of the text. An alternative way is to use the imperative mood. It is not necessary to increase the length of the text. Concise phrases written without mistakes will help in promoting the resource and increasing reader loyalty.

Removing excess text

How to technically raise the uniqueness of the text taken from other sources on the content exchange? If during the check the service finds that some paragraphs completely coincide with the already placed text, you can delete them. At the same time, you need to carefully follow the rest of the article so that there is logic during the transition from paragraph to paragraph.

If the passage contains important information, then it is worth removing the excess «water» in the text. In this case, it is worth using only important facts on the topic, removing unnecessary phrases. In some cases, delivery plays a big role. Changing the principle of writing an article, refusing to «go personal» will help create truly worthwhile content. Now you know how you can make a unique text without rewriting it completely.

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