How to write subheadings: 9 effective tips

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Any reader who follows the links looking for important information will first notice the subheading of the article. If the title does not seem interesting enough, he will move on to the next text. Therefore, you need to take into account the rules when designing the elements of the article, each of which performs an important function.

What is a subheading? This is the title of the next section in your content. It helps to avoid the presence of a “canvas” of text, the article becomes much easier to understand. Plus, it’s much easier to create content with subheadings. The author will be able to divide the text into parts, in each of which he can describe the next question on the topic.

1. Using subheadings

Many authors believe that the title and subtitle of an article need not be written. But if the text consists of a huge number of paragraphs, will it be easy for readers to perceive? It is better to break the text into several parts, choosing for each a subheading that is appropriate for the meaning.

You cannot combine paragraphs that are different in meaning into one section. If your goal is to describe a drug, then one subheading should be highlighted for its properties, another for benefits, and a third for contraindications. If all the parts are connected, the person may become confused while reading. Also, the presence of subheadings helps to select a certain part of the text and not consider others until the need arises.

2. Semantic load

Your site will be popular with readers if they can understand at a glance what the story is about. One word is not enough to fully convey the idea of ​​the text. It should be supported by a phrase that reveals the essence of the question. Note that if the subheading is a complete sentence, the period at the end is not required.

заголовок и подзаголовок статьи

3. Visual design

The styling of the subheadings should be conspicuous. You need to highlight the new name in bold or italic type. Choose a different size and type of font, color, place the subheading in the center of the page. Additional indentation can be made before and after the name. This will help you create nice and striking subheadings for your article that will draw readers’ attention to the new section.

4. Uniform text style

Different ways of writing subheadings can mislead the reader or reduce interest in the article. To prevent this from happening, you must write in the same style. If some subheadings consist of rhetorical questions, then in this spirit you need to continue to the end of the text. You can create titles for new sections in the form of a statement or a simple sentence that expresses the main idea of ​​the next block of the article.

5. Motivation for action

An article subheading is a great way to motivate customers if it uses verbs that prompt action. This is a clear description of what follows and will draw attention to the text. The only thing to avoid is the “not” particle in front of the verb.

6. Writing in plain language

Most often, reading occurs “diagonally”. A quick glance at the text allows you to determine if there is a need to study the entire article. Subheadings are good at grabbing attention and are an added incentive to fully explore the content, so they need to be related to each other.

Best to use:

If the user takes no more than a few seconds to read and the title of the section is of interest, he will definitely get acquainted with your content.

7. Using lists in subheadings

A great way to write subheadings is to use lists. This can be a step-by-step instruction or a listing of the components of the drug, each of which will be described sequentially in the next section. You can also divide the text into blocks with the benefits and harms of the medicine.

Подзаголовок статьи – это

8. Adding questions

Questions can be used as subheadings. In it, you will reflect the main question of the user who visited your site. An example of subheadings: «How do I write interesting content?».

9. Use of numbers

The numbers grab the attention of the target audience well. The user will want to know what you are writing about if you offer him «10 ways to create content» or «5 steps to start a successful business».

Thanks to high-quality subheadings, you will create a great article that will stay in the TOP of the search engine for a long time. Make sure that the train of thought is not disturbed and that all sentences are consistent. Do not overlook important information that will help readers in studying the question posed. Now that you know what subheadings are in the text, you can use the examples in your own article.

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