How to learn to write articles quickly

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The speed of work of each author is very different. One prints very quickly, productivity will be up to 30 thousand characters daily. Another is more focused on quality, so the limit will be 5-10 thousand characters.

You don’t have to write texts at night to increase your productivity and level of work. This will lead to reduced performance due to constant fatigue. Just follow the listed tips, answers the question: “How quickly write an article?”. They will help simplify the work of a copywriter and increase the speed of daily typing.

Autocorrect principles

Difficulties often arise when typing long words. The letters are swapped, which is why you have to type a difficult word over and over again. How quickly and efficiently write texts, without wasting time correction? To do this, it is enough to add difficult words to the autocorrect dictionary. In this case, when typing the first few letters, the prompts will highlight what is needed.

How to learn to write articles quickly

Note. If you add too many values to the dictionary, it can become difficult when you need to use a different computer for work.

Optimization with hotkeys

To increase the speed to perform Nia operations, you can use keyboard shortcuts. They help not only copy / paste information, but also switch between open documents, open new tabs, and so on.

Find out which keys are responsible for the team, it is possible from in the pop-up tips in popular applications or items menu reference. According to the popularity of of them:

Also, the sequence of combination of this s to turn off the computer, text formatting, or used a bookmark browser.

Blind printing

Odie n of the most affordable ways to learn quickly to write – to touch-type. This means that while typing opinion Ost e tsya on the screen rather than a keyboard. Having mastered this technique, it is easy to increase the number of recruits per minute up to 300 characters, and if there are practice – d of 500-600. It is much easier to correct typos by looking at the letters that appear on the screen. The copywriter will immediately see all the shortcomings of the text, and the words will not require revision.

ways to learn quickly to write

To learn how to print speed, you can try the special exercises which s main task – as soon as possible to type the letters appearing on the screen. Understanding principles of fast printing with the help of the program can be for a couple of days, and then proceed to more productive work. You can quickly write good articles on any topic, wasting time only thinking about the topic.

Using macros

The best way to optimize copywriter’s working time is to use macros. With their help, a certain order of commands is recorded, which will be repeated. For example, replace the hyphen with a dash, post a note on the site, or remove unnecessary characters from the article. Multiple files can be renamed quickly.

How write articles quickly, without wasting time on routine tasks? To do this, you need to configure plugins that work in MS Word and other editors. There is also a set of commands for the browser, folders, and other documents.

Creating templates

The longer a copywriter works, the more he writes on similar topics. Reviews, news posts, service advertisements – any topic requires a certain structure. How write articles quickly? In order not to be delayed while writing tax texts, it is necessary to create a template. In it, indicate the aspects on the basis of which the previous materials were written.

When the time comes to write such an article, all that remains is to use the plan with the indicated structure and start collecting updated information. This method is not intended for writing marketing articles. They have a unique structure and are developed individually for each customer. With the help of the listed methods, each copywriter will learn to write quickly, without thinking about how to speed up his work.

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