How to write the text «About us» for the site

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Companies that are just starting their online business are creating new sites. To attract customers, a web resource must be filled with interesting content. To do this, it is filled with articles with key queries, blogs, contact details and an «about us» page.

How to write a text about the company? Users should learn as much about the brand, which will cooperate. Therefore, before filling out this page, you must highlight the most important information about your own company.

The text «about us» does not have a specific template and structure. By choosing unusual ways to describe a brand, you can get an original article that will appeal to every reader and lead the company to success. While writing, the author should not forget about the introduction, take into account the main features of the company, its advantages and employees.

Where to begin

To copywriter able to write useful information in the text is, «about us» for the site, it is necessary to prepare a brief with the requirements of the article. It specifies the most important questions to which answers need to highlight in the new material:

  1. The name and scope of the company.
  2. Information about goods and services.
  3. The target audience for which the products are offered (the data will help to make the text adapted for a specific category of people).
  4. Competitive advantages of the company, its achievements.
  5. Feedback data.

The correct formulation of questions will help create an article that can be used on a personal website, in social networks and other resources to attract the maximum number of audience.

text About us

Before writing information about a company, you need to think about what call to action to include in the text. This may be a proposal to move to other pages site to read interesting articles, subscribe or get acquainted with the product catalog. Familiarizing the target audience with the brand should not start with an appeal to buy products – this can lead to the opposite effect.

Examples of creating an interesting section «about us»

Attractive and interesting material will help increase the number of readers, and then transfer them to the category of regular customers. This requires a sample company text. By following simple guidelines, you can easily create original articles for this section.

The audience does not want to see clericalism and complex terminology in the texts. Content written in simple and understandable language will get a lot more positive feedback. It is important to determine who the texts are targeting.

In articles for students, you can include slang and colloquial expressions, for businessmen – try to create light texts, avoiding excessive filling with business speech. If you conduct a conversation with a potential client as a friend, choosing the right words, the likelihood of gaining his trust will increase significantly.

In the example of description about companies need to focus on the customer. The reader should be aware of the benefits of working with you. This allows you to create a description that doesn’t look like a boast. To a man was easier to perceive information, may be included in the narrative history of life. The main thing is that they look harmonious in the text and do not distract from the main reading.

Visual effects and design

If you create a text about your company for a website that looks like a canvas, it will be difficult to read. Therefore, the article should be diluted not only with lists and subheadings, but also with visual materials. Brand information will attract customers if you add to the text:

How to write the text About us for the site

The video included in the text looks no less impressive. Director can personally write the appeal to users, with warmth tell you about the company and offer to start cooperation. Live communication is much more interesting, so readers will be able to get acquainted with the brand representatives and understand that communication will take place not with bots, but with real people. The text of the speech does not have to be written in person, the main thing is that it matches the personal manner of conducting conversations.

Having numbers in your text will help make your content more convincing. Speaking about the bonus program and the system of discounts, it is necessary to mention the specific values ​​of the bonuses («discount up to -50% on the second product in the order»), the number of transactions and satisfied customers.

When thinking about how to write a quality text about a company, it is enough to focus on the proposed principles. This will help create informative and interesting materials for the customer that will win the readers’ trust. It is not necessary to study a lot of literature, it will not affect the quality of the content.

An article describing a brand should include important information about the company’s activities, not forgetting about readers. If the user sees the text written in «his» language, then the probability of making a purchase and starting cooperation will become much higher. Now you know how to write a company description that attracts your target audience.

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