How to format text in a Telegram

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Telegram is a popular information exchange program where you can chat, read famous bloggers, create your own channel and find your audience. But in order for your subscribers not to have problems with the perception of the post, you need to initially make it conveniently readable. Formatting text in Telegram is necessary for everyone who often uses messenger, is engaged in blogging. This way the information provided will be easier to study, you will have more response in your personal virtual environment.

What is the formatting of text in Telegram and how to implement it?

How to format text in a Telegram

By default, all messages in Telegram are created in a regular font without a tilt. If required, the style can always be changed by highlighting a word or phrase in the article, if necessary. Bold, italics, underlined, strikethrough, mono are available to users.

The very first way to do text formatting in Telegram is to use the built-in panel. It allows you to quickly switch between bold, italic, monospaced, strikethrough, underlined font types, insert a link. With this option, you will be able to change the font font on many platforms:

Another common way to instantly format written text in a Telegram is to use keyboard abbreviations. In desktop versions of the messenger, it is faster to format using hotkeys. For example, you can make an article bold if you select it and press Ctrl/Cmd + B.

If you are interested in how to write italics in Telegram by this method, instead of “B” you need to press “l”. To make an underscore, you need to press Ctrl/Cmd and U. For monospaced text and the usual type of font, you will also need to press the first specified keys and the combination Shift + M or N.

What other ways are there to format text

Another option is to use special characters. It is ideal for the web version of the application, because it is impossible to format the text there by other methods. Although even with the help of special characters, it is allowed to include only 2 types of typeface. It’s bold and italics. For the first one, you will need to enclose the text in double asterisks on the left and right (**…..**). For the second one, 2 underscores should be added immediately before and after the written one (__…..__).

The edit menu is another way to emphasize your text in a Telegram. This feature is available for modern mobile devices and desktop. How it works:

In addition to styles, there are also options for copying, pasting, and hyperlink formation. This option can be used on any device, only the appearance of the pop-up menu can change there.

Lifehack how to quickly copy using a font

In addition to the fact that it is possible to highlight semantic accents, it is possible to format the text in the messenger for practical purposes. If a fragment of text in the message is highlighted in a monospaced font, it will be possible to copy it with a single click. You don’t have to select the desired text and search for the copy function in the pop-up menu. The feature is available on mobile devices and tablets.

A memo on how to make a crossed-out text in a Telegram or any other font should always be in sight. It is not so difficult to highlight a post in the desired font, if you understand all the available methods and stop at the appropriate one. Contact information, phone number, code fragments, bank details, and article topics are to be highlighted. Subscribers will easily be able to copy the necessary lines if, for example, a monospaced font is used to highlight formulas (relevant for the channel about working with tables). Structure your messages and use styles to highlight the main thoughts.

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