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What you need to know when writing text for an online store. What rules should be followed when creating content. Types of text content for the online store. What to focus on when creating material. 

How to write texts for online stores

Texts for the online store is a task that an experienced copywriter will cope with. However, there are some nuances that are worth knowing about. The main thing in writing such texts is always to think about the buyer, about its benefits. Any business is created for profit. But if you only think about how to get it and forget about your customers, there is no guarantee that these customers will be. Why is it worth focusing on this? The task of the online store is to solve the customer’s question. Therefore, as far as you know what your audience needs, the more successful the store will develop.

Как писать тексты для интернет-магазинов

To convey to the buyer the benefits of a product, you need to briefly, but informatively describe the product. But all this will not work if there is no main thing – an easily readable, understandable and informative text.

Rules for writing texts for online stores

Regardless of which platform the content will be placed on, writing texts for the online store should follow certain rules.

  1. Benefit. A potential buyer, going to a site or a page on a social network, should see what exactly you want to offer him. Tell us about new trends in fashion, do a short review of the new collection, give advice or announce the next sale. A good example of text for an online store

“Good news! A bonus program has appeared in our store. Every buyer who has made a purchase for any convenient amount can become a participant in it. ” 

  1. Uniqueness. This is one of the important indicators that affects the further promotion of the site in the search engine. Of course, if we are talking about a store of household appliances, tools, etc., achieving 100% uniqueness from the technical side will not work. But to make unique texts for the online store from the side of the product description – anyone who owns the word can do it. You can check the uniqueness on any service: Content-Watch, Etxt,, Advego. 
  2. Readability. We will leave solid canvases of text for fiction. But commercial articles need to be “combed”, adding structure to them. Bright, catchy heading, lists (marked or numbered), tables (if appropriate), pictures. Do not forget about the paragraphs. For the attention of the reader you need to fight not only with a competitor, but also with yourself. In addition, structured text enhances the behavioral factor, which also affects promotion.
  3. Optimization. In order for search engines to correctly evaluate your content, you need to help them in this by adding key phrases to the text. SEO texts for an online store include not only “keys”, but also meta tags – description and title. They are not visible on the web resource page itself – they are needed to indicate the relevance of the page. It is very important not to overload the text with “keywords”. Unfortunately, many business owners still use this in the preparation of technical specifications, not understanding the simple thing: content that is saturated with key queries does not work. Yes, and search engines reduce the likelihood of getting into the top SERPs. 

After the selling text for the online store or any other type of content is written, be sure to check the material for errors. Not only grammatical, but also stylistic. If you are not sure that you can correctly read it, it is better to entrust this work to the editor. But if you hire an independent copywriter to work, then this person must be a priori literate. 

What content should be on the website of the online store?

It is probably not worth talking about the fact that these should be selling texts. However, there are several more options for content that can fill the account page. For example, hold a draw or competition, tell an interesting fact about a product, a component, etc. 

Как писать тексты для интернет-магазинов

If we are talking about the site, then it’s worth taking care and writing text for the main page of the online store . The main page should contain brief but comprehensive information about the company, product or service. For this, enough material is in the range of 1000-1500 characters, a maximum of 2000. That is, need to attract the attention of a potential buyer. In practice, a person makes a purchase decision from the first seconds of being on the site, so it is very important to pay attention to this point.

So, the welcome text for the online cosmetics store may contain the following information:

You can give a brief information about the delivery, and paint in detail in the appropriate section. A similar structure may contain a welcome text for an online clothing store . There should also be a call to action on the main page. For example, look in more detail on the page, consult a consultant, etc.

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