What is the structure of the text, how to format an article correctly

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The information on the sites is regularly updated, new articles are uploaded, which should attract the attention of readers. But in order for clients to continue reading the materials, and not switch to other resources in search of a simpler presentation, the content must be structured. The structure of the text is the design of the article, which improves the perception of the material.

External text structure

How to structure the text? You should start with the title. It should be catchy so that users want to know what the article is about. The title should reflect the main idea of ​​the text.

Equally important for the reader is the introduction. It should briefly and interestingly describe the main idea of ​​the text. Next is the main part. You should try to correctly convey the material in which to reveal the essence of the issue and offer the best solution to the problems of each reader. You can use lists, attachments, and other techniques to help you better understand the material.

Как структурировать текст

The final part of the sales text structure is a conclusion with a call to action. If you have an informational article in front of you, you can summarize the above and draw a general conclusion.

Optimal internal structure

The success of content lies in the correct formation of the internal structure. Elements combined with each other will be well received by users. At the same time, do not forget about readability, the use of words that are understandable to the target audience and the uniqueness of the content. The structure is chosen depending on the context, the idea that the author wants to convey.

The description text structure should be logical. It is suitable for guides or descriptions of any goods. Among the features of the structure, it is worth noting that each paragraph is a continuation of the previous one. You can describe certain characteristics, conduct an analysis, and then draw intermediate conclusions.

The next type is the pyramidal structure. It is used in copywriting when you need to write a news item or a press release. The principle of the “inverted pyramid” becomes the basis. The essence of the issue is revealed at the very beginning of the article, after which more detailed information is gradually added. After reading the first paragraph, the reader will know exactly what the author wants to convey. In this case, the article may remain unread, because all the information is already clear. And for a more detailed study of the issue, it remains to read the rest of the text.

An equally interesting copywriting structure is the FAQ. Used to write an interview or a page where questions and answers are offered. It consists of:

You can use the commercial structure if you want to create a promotional article. It should contain a call to action – an offer to go to another page of the site, call the specified number or register. Some authors use the AIDA model to make writing texts easy.

структура копирайтинга

The model is based on four steps. In some cases, the text will not have a logical connection between paragraphs. The main thing is that the main task of the article, which is to promote the goods or services of the company, is fulfilled. If the article is written competently and efficiently, the target audience will quickly expand, and no one will pay attention to aesthetics.

Structure for more informal texts

In blogs, text structuring is based on the combined type. So you can better convey information to readers and maintain a high interest while reading each part of the article. At first, the blogger uses a pyramidal structure, highlighting the main idea of ​​the text. Further, it proceeds to the logical one in order to sequentially explain each issue raised on the topic.

If the author is just starting to master the principles of creating texts, he may end up with a chaotic structure (in other words, a vinaigrette when the manipulations with the article are rather clumsy). Users will not be able to catch the main idea, so they are more likely to move on to reading more understandable materials. But if the author wants to mislead readers, and the purpose of the article is to discredit or sabotage, then this structure will be more appropriate.

Structured text will gain user trust faster. They will know for sure that from this content they can get answers to their questions, learn the rules for choosing goods or read interesting facts on the chosen topic. When you understand which text and its structure are more preferable for your site, the resource rating will grow much faster.

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