What is rewriting and what does a rewriter do with lyrics?

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Что такое рерайт The easiest way to create original text is to order rewriting. But first you need to understand what rewrite is.

Rewriting – writing a new, original text from someone else’s material. In simple words, this is a statement of the text in your own words. Text uniqueness is necessary primarily in order not to fall into the search engine filter. To get out of the black list, it will take a lot of time, effort and money. In addition, posting copied material on your page is a direct violation of copyright, which entails liability.

The customer often turns to copywriters precisely for rewriting, since materials are published on the Internet that are almost perfect for creating good text. However, at its core, rewriting a text is already a result, i.e. ready-made content based on other articles.

Rewriting is classified as copywriting, but it does not introduce any innovation, since a new text appears in the process with the existing knowledge and thoughts. Article rewriting is a good opportunity to fill the site content. However, it is not suitable if necessary:

In most cases, the article for rewriting is provided by the customer: it can be either one source or several. Providing the source code greatly simplifies the execution of the order, so the copywriter can only correctly write the text, while maintaining the main meaning of the article.

Sometimes customers are asked to do deep rewriting. What is deep rewriting of texts? This is not just a replacement for synonyms, but a complete rewriting of the material in your own words: the style changes, the blocks and structure of the article are replaced, and the main source is taken as the basis.

What is the difference between a rewriter and a copywriter

Before considering further the issue of rewriting, you need to understand who such a rewriter is. This is a person who specializes in rewriting texts without distorting the meaning. As a rule, rewriters work with less information. Sometimes the task can be complicated. For example, the customer wants to make the text longer or shorter, optimize the article or change the structure of text content. Also, the rewriter may be asked to simplify the presentation. This is especially true for texts on medical, technical and other specialized topics.

Information projects are in special demand for rewriting. Customers thereby receive low-cost text content, which positively affects the popularity of this project.

In addition, rewriting has several advantages:

Therefore, the main thing in the work of the writer is novelty, originality and exclusivity. At the same time, it is important that the specialist possesses literacy and writing techniques. In fact, a copywriter is engaged in rewriting. The only difference is that the copywriter creates the text from scratch, and the rewriter – takes as a basis ready-made and published materials.

Types of rewriting

Above, we examined what article rewriting is and how it affects the text itself. It is also worth noting that rewriting the source material is the cheapest way to fill the site with content. And if you look closely, many web resources of the same direction have similarities in terms of texts. This practice takes place, but if the client wants to differ from competitors and be one step ahead, it is best to order the writing of unique texts, i.e. copywriting.

In turn, rewriting is divided into several types:

  1. Primitive. Human participation in this process is minimal. For this, a special program is used – synonymizing, which replaces the words that are often found in the text with synonyms.
  2. Simplified. Synonymization of words is also used, but not by a service, but by a person. First of all, this applies to those authors who have just come into this profession.
  3. Exemplary. Here already an experienced rewriter takes on the job, who writes the text more thoughtfully and competently.
  4. Deep. The text is completely changed according to the source code provided, up to the rearrangement of paragraphs and sentences. Direct speech or quotation is also replaced by indirect.

However, the customer receives the greatest value from professionally executed rewriting, since the written text has a deep and competent styling. Often customers order multiple rewrites from the same material and vice versa.

What methods are used for rewriting?

Experienced copywriters use several sources when rewriting material. This article is much more useful, interesting and informative. In addition, this is the best way to achieve immediately 100% uniqueness of the text. But rewriting is not so easy as it seems at first glance. To make the article meaningful, useful, informative, the rewriter must have a considerable vocabulary.

What does a rewriter do and what techniques does it use in its work? There are a lot of such techniques, but we will dwell on some of them:

  1. Synonyms – basic words are replaced by synonyms, however, it is important that the new word does not distort the original meaning.
  2. Nouns instead of verbs – most verbs have associated nouns (for example, the verb “walk” can be replaced by “walk”).
  3. Changing the structure of proposals – if the proposal is long enough in the source material, it can be divided into several small ones.
  4. Stylistic author’s inserts are permissible only if a free style of presentation of the text is assumed.

Using any of these techniques will allow you to write interesting material, while completely avoiding the distortion of meaning.

Where do they rewrite texts?

You can get text quickly and free of charge by using special online services. At the output, the user receives an absolutely unique text. However, there is one caveat: reading such content becomes simply impossible. And even if the material will be positively received by search engines during promotion, a person will close the web page immediately.

Checking for styling and errors is the first thing to do before publishing content. But if your goal is to sell goods and services to people, and not ratings in search engines, then it is better to use the services of experienced copywriters or rewriters. About who such rewriters are and what is their difference from copywriters, we reviewed above.

Therefore, to get high-quality content, competent text is important, which not a single robot or any online service will write. After all, what is a rewriter? This is a professional who is able to efficiently and competently create a unique text using several sources:

At the exit, the client will receive not just a retelling of the source, but good-quality content, which can several times increase the conversion of the site and, accordingly, sales.

It is easy to find a rider on the Internet: there are many exchanges where customers can publish a task for a minimum payment. However, the client is not at all protected from fraud. There are frequent cases when the customer makes an advance payment to the contractor, but as a result does not receive the finished work.

To avoid this, we advise you to contact a trusted specialist. For example, to independent authors with a portfolio, reviews and many examples of work. But the price of the service can be significantly higher than on the exchange. The best option is to contact a copywriting agency, where the affordable cost of services and a guarantee of the work.

Experienced copywriters work at Fabrika Slov Content Studio, who can write high-quality content from scratch and do deep rewriting of the text in compliance with all copywriting rules.

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