What is lemmatization

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There are many ways to analyze the original test. Many of them take into account the word order in the sentence, grammar structure and content syntax. Before starting to analyze the content, you need to familiarize yourself with the individual words.

Lemmatization means changing the form of words back to their original form. This can be a noun or adjective, having a unique number and nominative case. In this case, the adjective should be in the men’s way. If the lemma is created from a verb, then it will be in the infinitive.


This method is actively used by sociologists. When performing transcripts of speech of politicians and other officials, it is necessary to determine how often important terms are encountered. The study of the tonality of the text is also carried out. For this, words are transformed into lemmas, after which further analysis is performed.

Search engines work

Lemmatization of words is needed to speed up indexing and processing queries in search engines. Thus, you can improve the position of the site in the search results. There is a special algorithm by which search engines save every Internet resource in the database. Search queries perform the transformation in a similar way.

The search engine carries out morphological analysis of any request. For this is key Single phrases and turns in the original form and give the same page regardless of the fact that the user has specified. This allows readers to get to the right web resources, which contain the key request.

Using the lemmatization and for SEO, and programming

One of the ways to use this technology is to compose a semantic core. What does lemmatization mean for grouping queries? Specialists use tools that determine statistics for popular key phrases.

User searches are grouped into several categories. This allows you to select the keys that need to be included in the texts when filling your own site with content. Words that are important for business will be used in texts, and customers will be able to get a comprehensive answer to the question without switching to third-party resources.

Рerformed analysis of the most frequent terms in the text and will build bases and relevant pages. This allows you to do the following:

  1. To find out, the popularity of the main keys.
  2. Delete duplicate requests.
  3. Perform clustering. When the keys are written in their original form, they are easier to sort.

What is a lemmatization in programming? In web development, programmers often use this technology. It helps to create a unique system for the search of existing databases or web resources entirely.

What is lemmatization

Content uniqueness check

When choosing a theme for content creation, pay attention to the presence of unique words. Do not use duplicates, as they reduce the relevance of the pages. Applying lemmatization th, you can avoid it, as will be done to bring the words to the original view. Matches will be minimized and the quality of the content will be significantly improved.

Lemmatization necessary for checking uniqueness. Each article goes through several stages of verification. To lemmatize the original text, a special program chooses several lemmas, which are in a row. Such a series of keywords is called a shingle. It includes at least 3 words. Each service uses its own algorithms for checking.

Next, a search for a similar shingle is performed in texts that have been lemmatized earlier and have already been published on the Internet. If the words are the same, that of the selected first fragment will not be considered unique and will require further processing. The inclusion of keywords in the text should be done in an appropriate and natural way so that the article is suitable not only for search engines, but also for reading by users.

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