What is duplicate content?

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Duplicate content on a website is text that is not unique. Information is copied from other resources and used for publication on website pages or blogs. Another name for such content is “copy-paste”.

In order not to lower the rating of the site, it is necessary to publish only unique articles on the pages that will be most useful to the target audience. If duplicate content appears on a blog, the ranking level will decrease. In some cases, pages are sent to a ban until new and interesting information is published.

Дублированный контент на сайте

What text is considered unique? It does not contain fragments that are already posted on the Web. These are original articles valuable to readers.

Tips for sites publishing original texts for the first time

There are a few things you need to do before posting new content. So search robots will not be able to give a low rating to the site, as they will be sure that it is the original source. The tips are simple:

You can use the selected phrase as an anchor. After indexing by the search engine, the site will be considered the primary source, and all resources on which the same article will be published will be punished.

Checking content using online services

Now on the Internet there are a large number of services that allow you to identify duplicate SEO content. You will only have to enter an article in the proposed field, and the system will show the source of the materials.

The most popular service is Copyscape.com. It checks texts in both Russian and English. Fragments that are repeated in already published articles will be highlighted, and you will see from which sources the information was copied.

To check theses or scientific articles, Antiplagiat.ru is most often used. The site can be checked in several languages, so you need to specify the required option and wait until the system scans similar sites for compliance with the materials.

Among the free online services, it is worth noting Content-watch.ru. You can copy the text to the clipboard and add it to a special window or provide a link to a site where new materials are already posted. There are small restrictions for users who have not registered. Checking five texts (up to 3,000 characters) will be available per day, while articles up to 20,000 characters can be checked by customers who have created an account on the site.

A service that does not limit the number of checks and the number of characters in each text is Text.ru. It is necessary to register, and then add an article for verification. You will learn not only the percentage of uniqueness, but also the mistakes made, the level of spam and water content.

Programs for checking for plagiarism

You can install the Advego Plagiatus program on your computer. It has a lot of possibilities. This is a verification of texts copied from a computer, as well as the introduction of the URL of a published article. You will get a percentage result and a list of sites that have similar content.

дублированный контент seo

Praide`s unique content analyzer is another app that helps you make sure your articles are unique. It can also be used to check the site for unique content. Choose the required shingle size and wait until the program analyzes the texts.

The utility that does not require installation is the Double Content Finder. The verification methods are similar to other programs, you can copy text, upload a file or paste a link.

In order to check an article without using services, you need to select a sentence and paste it into the Yandex or Google search box in quotation marks. In the issue, you will see sites where such text has already been posted. Now that you know what duplicate content is, your resource is not in danger of being blocked due to low-quality materials.

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