10 ways to protect text on your website from copying and theft

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Promoting any site includes the creation and filling of its original E stat yami. But as soon as high-quality text is publicly available, it can be copied and used to fill third-party resources.

If during copying they leave a link or quotes to the original article, then you can count on additional traffic. But if the authors prefer to copy and paste the text without attribution, the uniqueness of the article will deteriorate.

How to protect a site from copying? Try using one of the suggested methods.

Using the script

High-quality protection against copying text on the site is provided are special E script s that prevent theft placement x materials. Enough to include a few lines of code (before the tag ) with the help of plug.

ways to protect text

The disadvantages of this method are as follows:

Installing the script does not take much time, but it also does not guarantee 100% content protection. Many are engaged in rewriting information with the preservation of all data on the site.

Service for checking uniqueness

If your article will be posted on another portal, you will find out about it. How to protect the text on the site? The use of such services as content-watch, show sites where posted your content. You can quickly contact the manager of the site and ask for the removal of your x stat it. The program starts automatically if it is configured correctly.

Link to article

H Protecting unique content is provided with special script, which will add a link to a website when copying. Careful copy-pasteers remove hyperlinks, and if a webmaster leaves a link in content published on a third-party website, traffic on your portal will increase.


With relink can improve the assessment of your site, so it will be in the top of search systems s. Additional links to other materials on your site are inserted into anchors. When you copy the text are external references, and, if they are not removed, increase conversions on your site.

Special services

How to protect information on the site from copying? Before publishing a new article, you can specify it in a service (for example, Yandex.Webmaster). This will make your site the first place to post text. Sites that use copy-paste will have lower positions in the rankings, so your company will remain at the top of the search results. Note papers when not impair the usability of the site, but does not provide guarantee that the portal will be the primary source.

Website copyright icon

In the page footer you can use the copyright symbol. You should also indicate that the information cannot be copied – to save the materials, you must obtain the permission of the company owner.

This method of protecting the text of the site from copying does not have an effective effect, since you will have to personally search for each article and take action.

Changing the indexing level

The network offered a variety of tools that speed up the indexing. With their help, you send a signal to search robots to index your site first. This way your articles posted on other portals will bring less traffic.

To be guaranteed to remain the main source of materials, it is necessary to send as many texts as possible with the request. Indexing takes a few minutes, after which you can expect to get higher positions in the search.


To interest customers and increase the conversion rate, before publishing, write an announcement on other resources:

This will help speed up indexing and increase traffic, and provide additional PR. The site will become more recognizable, and the target audience will know about the release of interesting materials even before the first publication.

protect text on your website from copying

Company name in content

To make articles more unique, you need to add your own brand name to the text. When copying, authors will have to spend time removing the title, and if they don`t, you can get more clients. If internal linking was used, then there will be even more traffic. The more links to your own resource will be in the text, the less likely the materials will be actively used.


Each site contains information for feedback. Etc. Overeem unique content with special service`s, you know, where the posted copy-paste. All that remains is to follow the link and contact the company`s representatives with a request to remove the articles or add a link to your portal.

If you do not receive feedback, you can always contact the hosting, asking to block someone else`s site. Now you know how to protect the posted information from copying.

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